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BluePrint 306 Turnkey Running Engine Package


-BP 306ci block

-Blueprint heads

-50oz Harmonic Balancer Kit

-Mini starter motor

-Pertronix 302 Distributor

-Coil & Backet

-Ford Performance 9mm Wireset (Black,Blue,Red)

-Autolite 3924 Spark Plugs

-SBF Steel Fuel lines and Filter

-SB Ford Fuel Pump

-Ford 90 degree water outlet

-Felpro Gasket Kit

-Cobra Air Cleaner Kit

-Cobra Valve Covers

-Weiand Stealth Intake Manifold

-100 amp alternator, bracket and Serp. pulleys

-WIX Oil filter

-Quick Fuel, Slayer 600 CFM

-Thermostat, Gasket, Bypass Hose & clamps

-Ram 10 Spline Clutch

– Ford Performance Flywheel Kit

-Aluminum Bellhousing Kit

-5.0 Mustang Fork & throw-out bearing

-Tremec HD T-5 Transmission