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High Performance Parts for Gear Heads with Passion, Like Us.

Forte’s Parts Connection


For the past 40+ years we have been devoted to providing and developing quality high performance parts for your vehicle at competitive prices. Our inventory ranges from simple gasket sets to rear ends, to crate motors, Tremec transmissions, and everything in between! At Forte’s, we are true gear heads with a deep passion for the industry and the people who keep the dream alive. We are on call to provide tech support, insuring your installation goes smoothly. GM TKO Tremec was started at Forte’s in 1993.





Forte’s And Tremec

In 1993, Mike Forte developed the original conversion to fit the Ford Tremec 3550 transmissions into GM vehicles. The GM TKO expanded the Tremec product line to fit hundreds of thousands / millions of classic muscle cars and hot rods. We specialize in providing GM TKO, Ford TKO, AMC TKO Tremec transmissions and conversion kits for nearly any application.


At Forte’s we understand your vehicle is only as capable as the sum of its parts. We are direct with a large number of performance parts manufacturers, as well as offering high quality parts designed in house for all systems on your vehicle.

We are equipped with a full engine shop, and have built thousands of engines custom tailored to fit customer’s performance needs.

We custom build and fit rear ends, brake kits, and just about anything else you could need. Contact us to discuss your dream build!

About The Founder

Hi, I’m Mike Forte. Thank you for your interest in Forte’s Parts Connection.
I’ve devoted my whole business career to providing high performance parts, and making custom parts so that we can assemble cars with the best quality at competitive prices. Back in 1993, I developed the original conversion of the Ford Tremec into a GM 5-speed. These have always bolted to OEM GM aluminum bellhousings without an adapter plate. With these Tremecs made to fit factory bellhousings of the Mustang Tremec product line, it was expanded to fit hundreds of thousands of classic muscle cars and hot rods. With specialty bellhousings, we have expanded to specific foreign cars, AMC, Chrysler, flathead Ford, nailhead Buick, and many others. The Early Ford and FE Tremec were also originals from myself. My latest developments are external slave clutch release conversions and cable release conversions. 

I’ve been playing with high performance cars, boats, and motorcycles since 1970. Currently I have a retired group of race cars, a 1968 Z-28 and a 1992 Camaro tube chassis GT-1 car.

In 1994 I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Smith and then Dave Smith before FFR made their first kit. Mark visited me countless times with an ambition of building a “Cobra” kit car. Our conversations and many of my ideas spawned many inherent designs built into the FFR chassis. The FFR includes the donor idea, sheet metal firewall, and parts of the front end. Many were modeled from my GT-1 race car, which I had built between 1991-1993. In 1996, Forte’s original firewall adjustable quadrant kit was designed to use a Mustang OEM clutch cable. The OEM cable was used to insure trouble free operation without the plagued cable failure of the aftermarket kit. 

I hope you’ll find my dedication and knowledge along with competitive prices a pleasant experience. Anytime you need to reach me, feel free to contact me at the shop at