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Quarter Master Chevy Bellhousing


Quarter Master aluminum Bellhousing for Chevy 153 Tooth Flywheel and some stock ones and block mount starters, these are performance engineered for racers at every level.these CAD-designed, clam style Bellhousings are CNC-machined to ultra-tight tolerances to ensure reliability, And can be used with either the Tri-Light or the Race Hydraulic release bearings.durability, and high performance. quarter master bellhousings are lightweight and are designed to eliminate flexing,true up clutch alignment, and decrease wear on internal transmission components. NOTE this bellhousing is for a stock location starter. OEM-style bellhousing for 153-tooth flywheel.


Quarter Master,OE Diameter,110104, Bellhousing, aluminum, chevy, 4.687 in. bore diameter, 6.290 in,depth,10-1/2 clutch,Block Mount, Monohousing,t10/Bert/Brinn/Falcon,Chevy V8