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Evans High Performance Waterless Engine Coolant

Superior boilover protection for All Gasoline,Light Duty Diesel,LP,and CNG Engines.
Boils at (375.F) and Protects to (-40 F) , Eliminates Hot spots ,Fights Corrosion ,Lowers Pressure



Evans Waterless Coolant High Performance Coolant is a proprietary fluid with a specially-formulated inhibitor package designed for all gasoline, light-duty diesel, LP, and CNG engines. Evans is now NHRA track approved! It contains no silicates or phosphates, and requires no supplemental coolant additives. This coolant has a boiling point of 375 degrees F and will not vaporize–eliminating overheating, boil-over, and after-boil. The low vapor pressure reduces stress on the engine cooling system components. Evans Waterless Coolant High Performance Coolant will also eliminate corrosion and electrolysis, and offers permanent protection, to temperatures as low as -40 degrees F.